Friday, November 30, 2012

Chub of Love

Recently Serene posted a picture of her sweet baby Haven's roly poly legs on the THM's Facebook fan page. I was inspired to post a picture of my own, affectionately nicknamed, Chub of Love.

If you read in my previous post about my second son, who also has a nickname, Sweet Siah, then you know I had struggles while breastfeeding him to maintain his growth curve. Granted that he has a much more lanky build than my other guys, it was none the less disheartening to hear that dreaded word from the doctor, "supplement". While I can't be sure that his weight had anything to do with my fat and calorie restricted diet, my heart tells me that it's a possibility.

In the last month of following Trim Healthy Mama, my little Chub of Love has gained a little over 5 pounds of the sweetest little rolls you ever did see. I attribute his thriving health and my creamy milk to the ample amounts of healthy fats I eat on the plan. Here he is in all his chubby glory.

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