Monday, December 17, 2012

Accountability Monday Week 2

How did I do this week???

I can proudly say, not bad!

On Thursday my book club had their Christmas party and cookie exchange. And while that brunch was a complete crossover meal, I managed to keep my mitts off the cookies. That, to me, was total success. In the past, these types of events did me in, as I took liberty to gorge myself on all the sweet treats. The other day, I took a more sensible approach as I enjoyed the meal, while passing on the cookies.

The rest of the week, I ended up with one full E day and several full S days with a few Fuel Pull snacks and meals thrown in for more weight loss. I don't know about any of you, but I find it much easier on S days than E days. I may try to have more E and Fuel Pull breakfasts and lunches and my family meals will be primarily S. This way, I don't have to try to devote full days to E style meals, yet I'll still keep that good ol' metabolism guessing away.

As for exercising, I didn't fare quite so well. I got off my booty 2 times this week and worked that SPEW and Body Resistance Max. A far cry from my goal of 5 times. I. Will. Exercise. Over. Christmas. Yes. I. Will.

Now for the good stuff. Let's get a visual on my progress.

Last Week

This Week

So, the angle is a bit different in these photos, but hey, I can tell a difference in my stomach, especially in the way my pants fit! 

Here are my stats:

Weight: 177 (4 more pounds, for a grand total of 15 pounds!)

BMI: 30.4 I've added this because it gives a better picture of my body composition than just the weight number. I'm almost out of the obese category! 

Jeans size: 14. Yep. Still a 14. I've noticed a lot of loss around my midsection, but my hips and thighs haven't budged. Until those hips fall in the weight loss line, I'll keep tightening the belt around those 14's.

Next week I may not be able to post on my progress as I will be celebrating Christmas on the farm with my family, about 30 minutes away from any sign of urbanization. My goal over these next two weeks will be to exercise 4 times each week. I do plan to cheat Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope I'm not a total rebel in this. I can almost see Serene giving me a glare, but I hope she's not! :) There is just too much to celebrate and so many food traditions that I don't foresee myself passing up, even as my lifestyle continues to improve.

With all that said, I hope everyone has a very blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our most wonderful Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


  1. Congrats Kelly!! Excellent progress. :-) I cheated once over Hanukkah, and thoroughly enjoyed a Doughnut. Ate some FP around it and still did ok.

  2. Awesome update. I noticed the difference in your picture right away, even with the slightly different angle. :) Hope you have a great Christmas. :)

  3. It is so encouraging to see the progress in other people. There is definitely a difference in those two pictures. I find S meals so much easier too, but keep trying to mix in some E meals just to keep my body working at it. I can do whole S days, but not whole E days, as I find I start to want to cheat if I have too many E meals.

  4. I've really been encouraged reading your blog and am anxiously awaiting your next post!

  5. Hey Kelly , just wanted you to know I am praying for you. Hope your journey is going well. Can't wait for an update. :)