Thursday, August 29, 2013

THM Reboot...And Some Good News

Where have I been?

Fallen? Yes.

Discouraged? A little.

Busy? Crazy.

Sometime in January, I just quit following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Why do a thing like that? You know, I think a few things factored in, but what it boiled down to was that I just made it too hard. I mentioned to my husband a few times that I wanted to go back to doing Trim Healthy Mama again and his reply was always, "You were always worried about food and stressed about what you were eating. It was just too much work." Too much work. It's always a good idea to listen to the person who sees you daily, sees your moods, your stress, your good and bad moments. That person KNOWS how to diagnose those unbalanced places in your life. They see you from outside yourself. So I listened. And I learned.

For the last two weeks, I decided to give Trim Healthy Mama a trial "reboot" of sorts. I had been drowning in fatigue and I knew that my most energetic days were found eating THM style. I also found out that I am PREGNANT WITH #4!!! While this is a wonderful blessing, I did not want to start my pregnancy at 170 lbs, knowing that my average gain with the last 3 children has been about 70 lbs. In the midst of this, I also began homeschooling my oldest. If I ever needed health, energy and vitality, now is the time.

So I committed to following the guidelines as simply as I could. No hard to find ingredients that I didn't already have, no thousand new recipes, and no pressure. Just good old eggs and oatmeal. Lentils and chicken. Salads and Secret Agent Cake. And you know what? It's working. For me. No early pregnancy fatigue, no spending hours in the kitchen trying every recipe ever posted, no stressing over the meticulous planning of a perfect balance of S's and E's through the week. Just keeping it simple.

Cheers to the "new" journey.